Two forms of baptism

Within Tavistock United Reformed Church we practise two different types of baptism:
(i) infant baptism at which parents make promises and
(ii) baptism by profession of faith at which the person makes their own promises (also known as believer’s baptism).
Both forms of baptism involve water.
Infants are usually baptised at a font. A believer’s baptism can be at a font or by immersion in a pool, river or baptistry.

One baptism:
Within the United Reformed Church a person can be baptised only once – whether as an infant or later in life.

Alternative to baptism:
An alternative to a baptism is a thanksgiving and dedication service. This allows your child to be baptised later in life, by profession of faith, at an age of responsibility. At Tavistock United Reformed Church, baptisms and dedications normally take place during the Sunday Morning Worship.

For more information about infant baptism/dedication
If you would like your child to be baptised or dedicated then you will need to meet with the Minister in order to discuss the arrangements and to find a suitable date. Baptisms and dedications are usually conducted during our Morning Worship so that the whole church family can welcome the child into the church.

For more information about believer’s baptism
Believer’s baptism includes a public declaration of faith and a commitment to the church. If you would like to be baptised, or would like further information, the first step would be to meet with the Minister to discuss all that is involved. At Tavistock United Reformed Church we can use a portable baptistry for those who wish to be baptised by immersion.
You can contact the Minister, Robert Weston by email