What is iChurch?

iChurch is a system to help you get your church online. iChurch is a network of site managers, connected to each other to share ideas, tips and inspiration. iChurch is part of how the Windermere Centre resources the church. iChurch is your solution when you want a church website but don’t have a resident expert or a big budget.

Our Story

iChurch began life as a personal passion: Lawrence Moore, Director of the Windermere Centre, whilst developing his own blog, discovered the potential for using WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) to help churches get online. For several years, Lawrence helped churches set up their own websites, but it was so popular that soon there were more churches asking for support than one person was able to help.

iChurch then became part of the work of the Windermere Centre, with Rebecca Gudgeon, the Centre’s Marketing Manager, joining the team, as well as a growing network of volunteer helpers. Since then, the network has developed in all sorts of ways. We have moved to new hosting provision with VTSDesign; established a support site including user forum; and delivered training to lots of people (for example, Your Story: Northern Synod). There are now over 150 iChurch sites, and the system is being used not just by churches but also by groups and individuals for websites for all kinds of purposes. 2016 saw the inaugural iChurch Awards, where the top sites were recognised for their achievement as examples of great practice, and other well-designed sites were shared to inspire others.

Moving Forward

We’re very proud of the latest updates to iChurch:

  1. In summer 2016, we’re launching iChurch 5, a new template for websites, developed to help make it even easier for site managers to use, but with a contemporary look, and with lots of power for those who want to explore further.
  2. We’ve migrated to a new server, making sites more secure and meaning that we can create custom hosting packages to suit your needs.
  3. We no longer charge a set fee. Instead, we ask you to pay what you can, and what you think it’s worth. To find out more, please read our Pay What You Can FAQs (this is part of the Windermere Centre’s move to a Pay What You Can policy – to learn about this, visit About the Windermere Centre).


Discover iChurch

You can choose to use our established template, iChurch 4, or our new style, iChurch 5. Click on the buttons below to explore the options.

iChurch 4 iChurch 5

Managed Sites

If you would rather not run your website yourself, we can provide site management services, where iChurch staff design your site in consultation with you, then continue to post the content that you send us, as well as making sure your site’s software is kept up to date and secure.

If you’d like to find out more about how this could work for you, please make contact with Natasha to discuss your needs.

Next Steps

To get started with your iChurch site, either join an iChurch training course, or get in touch.